Thursday, May 28, 2009

HNT...Yeah ME!!!!

You know you have missed my HNT posts people! So here I am for all to see!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Little Pony Porn!!

Ok. So I was bored. I decided to get some stuff out of boxes I found when I was looking for my diplomas. Well, as luck would have it, it was a HUGE box that had Paradise Estate in it from when I was little. This was the playset of playsets for My Little Pony, which I DEARLY loved. However...the ponies were often quite the little gender benders because the boys didn't come along till YEARS after they had learned how to intensely pleasure each other. By that time the girls knew what they wanted and there still were not enough boys to go around. So after the lights went out it was Ponies gone WILD all over Paradise estate. Too much sugar and hottness in the pool and it was ON! This is what happens when ponies stop being polite and start being real...

Bubbles got a huge mouthful of Glory's cream pie. Moon Dancer really filled up Lemondrop while the others looked on. This was so inspiring that Whipspider rubberworks made a human sized dildo so we can all have what Lemondrop craves! Then I found Gory was not done yet and neither was Moon Dancer. Glory put on her awesome strap on from Aslan Leather was pounding Moon Dancer in the ass while Fifi ate her and Glory both out. They really like the Echo from Tantus! Next some one was peeping on Sugar Sweet and caught her masturbating with her vibrator from Evolved in the shower. Who knew they were such voyeurs? A little later there was a FLAT OUT ORGIE in the pool. Sparkler, Bangles, Magic Hat, Blueberry Baskets, Cupcake, and Twist were horny little bitches. Blueberry Baskets is honored that there is a super popular vibe named for her, and yes she had it in the pool with them...which is why Twist is smiling so much. Twist, why she is just naturally gifted with her boyish nature and if you count her horn, she is hung like a horse. At the end of the day Bubbles had to cuddle with Lemondrop because Moonies horn was a little much for her tiny cunt.

This is just another day in RAINBOW VALLEY!!! Ahhh...and everyone wonders why the ponies are always so happy and never seem to get old!!

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So I have been hell.

I have been away, well kind of. My husband and playmate left for Iraq a few weeks ago, and I wanted to squeeze in every last minute I could with him. Ya know make every moment count. During that time...I dislocated my tail bone. YIKES!!! It hurt to sit long at all, so I couldn't get comfy to type at all. The worst part of that was NO SEX!!!!! Even vaginal, spreading my legs at all, truthfully it FUCKING SUCKED!!! Anyway!! Cinnamon and all her spicyness it making a come back from my ass busted, boo hooo cry me a river, I'm so lonesome I could cry break!!!! Just like in the movie... CODE PINK....CODE PINK....THE PERVERT IS BACK!!!