Monday, March 30, 2009

Just a little storage tip

I love keeping my toys and things organized. I found these little bags at Wal Mart, but they have them everywhere from Dollar Tree to Hobby Lobby. They are the little wedding favor bags that come in various colors. They have a draw string closure with ribbon. I have found that these are great for condoms in the purse, cock rings and sleeves that you don't want playing with your other toys, batteries, bullets and especially sleeves with beads that want to pop out. They are cheap, protect your toys and are cute too!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wait for me....don't you do it. Not Yet Gel.

Not yet gel is a prolonging gel for men that can give you a few more minutes to get the job done. Benzocaine slightly numbs the penis, reducing sensation and helping your guy last a little longer. There is still feeling but it is not as intense. The gel is cherry flavored and a little touch of it is all you need.

If this gets on the vagina it can hamper obtaining an orgasm. The numbing properties are more noticeable on the mouth than the penis. The same active ingredient in Not Yet Gel is used in baby Oragel. This is worth trying, just use it sparingly and carefully for a longer night of passion.

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Dirty Dice, imagination not included

Dirty dice were great fun in college,and still are today with my husband. They are a great way to have a laid back silly night, that can be oh so sexual. If you are relying on them to give you a good night, forget about it. If you are feeling silly and sexual, bring the fun and passion and go with the flow.

The dice are nicely constructed and are a great deal for the price. I suggest picking up a pair of these to have when ever the silliness strikes you.

Check them out here:
Erotic dice - Sex Toys for Couples - Love Games

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh my my, oh hell yes!

O' my! Blueberry cheesecake lube is special. It is the only flavored lube that I have found to work adequately for sex too. At first I hated the flavor out of the bottle, but now I have learned how to do it and damn is it ever good. The key to keep it from tasting bitter is to rub it in the skin a little before licking it. Then all you are left with is a delicious blueberry taste that will knock your socks off.

The pump dispenser works very well at delivering the right amount of lube per squirt. The packaging and color coded bottle is very attractive. Using this lube for sex has never been an issue with irritation or any thing else. It is slick enough plus it has a great scent. This is a lubricant that tastes good and works, it is worth the money.

Check it out here:
O’my flavor - Water based lubricants | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

Kama Sutra Dark Chocolate Body Paint, sensual seduction

I am a sucker for being touched. I love it, to be kissed, rubbed, licked, all over. Most of all on my back. I love it when my husbands gets out a set of gel pens and just draws on my back, so of course I wanted to try body paint. This was the first edible body paint we had used and it turned out to be a very tasty Valentine's Day dessert.

The paint comes in a jar that is safety sealed and it includes a brush. This has to be refrigerated after opening. Straight out of the jar the paint will work, but it glides on the skin much easier to heat it in a bowl of hot water for about 30 minutes before using it. It can be microwaved but I was reluctant to try it that way and end up over cooking it.

The paint tastes like chocolate pudding and is very appetizing. It can be licked off but it is nearly impossible to get it all off by licking. I suggest using a throe, towels, or older sheets with this. I have not experienced permanent staining at all, just little sticky chocolate blotches around me till I washed the sheets. There will be a mess if you use this then have sex, but it washes off completely in the shower.

Read more about it here:Kama sutra chocolate body paint - Paints, dusts, powders | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Suntouched Massage Candle

This is a great candle. It actually fills the room with fragrance and smells delicious. I have the watermelon and it is like watermelon bubble gum. The tin is reusable and is heart shaped. There is a sticker on the lid, but it is easily removable.

When the candle burns it creates a soy based massage oil. This is one of my favorite massage products. It says it is edible, and I am sure from the ingredients that it is, but there is not much flavor to it at all. Ont his skin this stuff is a dream. It doesn't get waxy and it has not stained anything. After a massage with this the skin is so soft. When it is poured on you warm it smells like you being drizzled with Bubble Yum watermelon gum. I use mine weekly to burn and for massages and I still have a month or more candle left.

This is just a great candle, as a plain candle. If you are looking for a great massage candle too, this will leave you thoroughly impressed, relaxed, and smelling so sweet.

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Suntouched edible candles - Beeswax and soy wax candles | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

Pink Water, the best things are pink

Pink Water lube was a curiosity purchase. I had quickly became a fan of Maximus with my first time using it and I doubted this girly lube could compete. It was too tempting not to try.

When I got it, I was so pleased that I did. I like the ingredients of this, and it seems to work better with my body than any other lube. I have used for just about every kind of sex you can think of. Toys, vagina, anal, and even went down on my husband with it on his dick. It has been great for everything I have tried it with. It doesn't get bitter when you taste it like Maximus. Pink Water is thick out of the pump, but thins out with use. Plus I have never had to reapply. My favorite part is that it does not feel like I am using lube, but that it is my own wetness. Everyone should at least buy the small bottle just to see how good it is.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Silky Sheets...the quciker picker upper

Pesky wet spot ruining your night? Silky sheets will fix it till you can wash them in the morning and leave your sheets smelling fresh and feeling silky. Plus it includes pheromones, so there very well may be more wet spots in your future.

We use this weekly to freshen the sheets mid week and even the sofa. My favorite scent is the orange mango, but the vanilla is nice and refreshing too. I have tried the pear blossom as well. It is nice but smells more like celery than pear. It also tends to retain an aerosol scent that the others do not.

On white and light colored sheets all you get is extra softness. On dark sheets, there is a light powdery residue that is left behind. This will wash away completely. We don;t use dark sheets so I used a sock to show the residue. The concept is similar to spray deodorant, but with pheromones and sultry scents for the bedroom.

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Pleasurists 21


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A Touch of Honey Body Dust, Chocolate Rasberry

Chocolare and Raspberry combine to make this an awesome treat for you and your partner. The ingredients are natural, the flavor is delicious. To top it off it leaves your skin softly scented for hours. This is easily just as good as Kama Sutra Honey dust at less than half the price.

The maribou feather applicator is not as sophisotcated as the Kama Sutra ones but it is still functional and fits inside the lid. A big plus with this faether is that it is hot pink. It works just as good as a tickler of the nipples and thighs, but I do not think it will last as long if it is used for play instead of just as an applicator for wearing on a daily basis. I really love this stuff and would not question replacing it when I run out.

Read all about it here:
A touch of honey body dust - Paints, dusts, powders | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

Be smart buy smart balls!

Smart balls are the best set of balls I have! They are a great reminder to squeeze and contract my pc muscles. They will not do the work for you but they do keep you on your toes. They come is a variety of colors and are consistently reviewed as a good investment for a healthier sex life.

The elastomed material is a much safer option than a lot of the other exercisers on the market. Cleaning and caring for them is super easy. They can be worn daily and for extended periods of time. These are a little larger than some other Ben Wa type toys but with patience they are just as comfortable. Also, wearing these inside all day has me craving something bigger and better when hubby gets home.

Read all about Smart Balls here:
Smart balls - Vaginal exercisers | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

Tasy Twist Oral Gasm Cream

Ummm tasty is right. Tasty Twist is intended to enhance oral sex. It provides a light tingly sensation where it is applied. It works best on the nipples and clitoris, and can also be used on the penis. My hubby likes my nipples covered in this before sex so when he sucks on them during sex they are extremely erect and yummy.

The flavor of both the Orange Dreamsicle and Chocolate Mint is as close to ice cream as I have found. There isn't an artificial taste to it at all. It would be hard to pick a favorite between the two flavors. I just wish the tube was a little larger. Make sure to rub this cream in thoroughly to avoid a lotion feel to your tongue. The tube is safety sealed. It comes out like regular lotion and is white. When using this I have never noticed a sticky feel to my skin. This is highly recommended, and one of our favorite products that we continue to buy replacements of.

Check out the full review and product information:

Tasty twist - Water based lubricants | Review by Cinnamon Chambers


Well, what can I say about Astroglide. It is probably one of the most familiar lubes, because of how widely avaliable it is. It is a decent starter lube and I prefer it ove Ky any day of the week. It is soo inexpensive and you can pick up a small bottle for under $3 in a pinch.

I don't like that is has parabens and glycerin. Only occasionally will I get irriated from using it. At times it can get frothy and may have to be reapplied during sex. If it is all you have, then by all means use it, but if you are looking for a great waterbased lube try Pink Water or Maximus.

Read more about Astroglide here:Astroglide - Water based lubricants | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

Climax Fruit bomb is da bomb!

The Climax Fruit bomb is yet another great product for enhancing oral sex. It seems like I have a lot of those, but in all honesty my partner and I enjoy the scents and flavors of each others genetials, but we like to change it up now and then. I have found that adding a little something in the beginning helps jack him off and gets both of us wetter for the experience.

We have the kiwi lime and the coco pineapple which is the same as pina colada. I prefer the coco pineapple over the lime. They are sweet but not overly sweet. The downfall is how wattery they are. They are not good as a lube but for adding flavor Climax Fruit bombs are oh so tasty. The bottles are colored and have very functional pumps. THe actual lube is clear and non staining.

Read more about them here:
Climax fruit bomb - Water based lubricants | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

Naughty Secrets Sinful Desire Dream Cream in Cotton Candy

This is the worst product I have tried of all time. To make it even worse, I paid for it. The cream is thick, yes. Anything else, no. I can not believe it was marketed as a scented or edible product. The packaging I can say was nice and impressive with all of the safety seals. After I broke it open, the disappointment set in.

The only detectable scent is a very chemical one. Even the color of it looks sickly and not pink. This was not about being edible or kissable for me, just finding a good scented Cotton Candy body cream was my goal. If it had came from Dollar Tree it still would have been a wast of money, and I have founds nicer scented lotion there.

Wickedly Sensual Massage Potion

This is a good product for enhancing oral sex. I got the bubblegum flavor and it is pleasant, and tastes like bubblegum. The color is pink, but I did not notice staining on my sheets after using this. The dispenser works nicely to pump out the right amount. There is also a large amount of product included for the price and it will last a long time.

The only down side to this is that it gets really sticky, really fast. It could not be used for a regular massage at all. This is what we were hoping to use it for, but it still turned out to be a product I would buy again because it does taste so good, and the value of the potion for the price. The viscosity is right, just not the texture for a massage. Using this for giving head, is a whole different thing, and is where this is best used!

Check out the full review here:
Wickedly sensual flavored massage potion - Arousal lubes | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

Kama Sutra Pleasure Balm...not for me

I do not like the taste of toothpaste, especially mixed with citrus. The tangerine Pleasure Balm was the first one I tried. It was from the Treasure Trove set. It was beyond gross. It was an older jar of it, now it is all made in tubes. I got the tangerine, raspberry and strawberry after that all in the tubes. I am still not impressed. The tangerine is the worst as far as flavor goes, but the other two are not much better. This is the only product from Kama Sutra that I do not like at all.

The Pleasure Balm does have a cooling sensation when on the skin. It can also work as a mild prolonging gel. The only way I found it to tingly in a good way was on my nipples. I suggest wiping it off your partner's penis before penetrating the vagina with this slathered all over, and even with getting it on the clit because some other reviews mention that it causes a painful burning sensation.

Remember that the canisters of Pleasure Balm have been discontinued for some years now, and that it is only safe to use the product that comes in a tube. I would recommend giving it a try if you get the Treasure Trove, but I would be less likely to recommend buying just a tube of this. It is thick, a true gel product, and very sticky. There are much better arousal products available that actually taste good.

Read even more here:
Tangerine pleasure balm - For women | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

Gotta love the Oil of Love!

I was so apprehensive about trying the oil of love. I feared it would be greasy and be kind of like sucking on some flavored vegetable oil. Thank goodness I was so wrong. My hubby and I have used this for full body massages and everything in between that might or might not lead to sex. It only tends to get sticky when mixed with a lot of saliva. Other than it it rubs in nicely and leaves a soft scent and delicious taste to the skin.

We have tried the strawberry, tangerine, and raspberry flavors. Of those the raspberry was our least favorite. The other two are quite tasty. I will say the tangerine is nothing like tangerine at all, it is like cotton candy. As for the strawberry is is definitely strawberry, but it is an artificial strawberry flavor. This is still very good, and is somewhat like licking a strawberry blow pop.

Oil of love is an oil in name only and is latex safe. The warming sensations it produces are great for all types of massages and oral sex. I do recommend getting the larger bottle as it is a better value, or to try this in a kit. There is coloring in the oil of love but it massages in clear and I have not found it to leave permanent stains in fabric, but you might want to protect light colored sheets. It is easy to pour our of the cute little bottle, but it is not overly runny. I like using this and give it an 8 overall as a product.

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Kama sutra oil of love - Oils, lotions | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kama Sutra Body Souffle..the stuff dreams are made of

The body souffles have almost completely replaced the Bath and Body Works products I used to use. I love them and my hubby does too. The do not look like sensual products, but then again I don't really use this as one anyway. There is nothing greater than tasting like how I smell, not all strange when I am kissed. These are moisturizing and the scent and flavor stay fresh for hours of normal wear. Kama Sutra Body Souffle is never sticky and always goes onto the skin just as nicely as any high end cream would.

I have the Vanilla, Strawberry and Creme Brulee. I can not pick a favorite. The vanilla is just like a tub of cake frosting, the creme brulee is similar to hot cocoa, and the strawberry is like strawberry ice cream in scent and flavor. I have never tried products with such a true flavor to them. This works well as a base and layering the honey dust over it. The flavors for making that combo are very interchangeable and you can play around till you find your favorite. When you are wearing this, it will be hard to keep your partner from eating you up!

Check out the full review here:
Body souffle - Creams, balms | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

Oh Honey Honey Dust!

Honey dust is a must have for any female. It is so sexy to use with a partner, but does even better for daily use. I can't say enough good things about it. So far I have tried the tangerine, raspberry, chocolate, and strawberry. The strawberry is my absolute favorite, followed closely by the chocolate. Remember to fluff it before using it for the best results.

The canister and satin baggie are reusable which is a big plus. The powder goes on lightly, and is barely visible if at all but works to absorb moisture. It will leave your skin scented all day long if wearing it as a powder. If using it for sex it can be a little messy but clean up just by washing the sheets. easing with the feather ticklers, even with out the dust is very pleasurable. They feel great on the nipples, ribs and inner thighs. Honey dust doesn't leave a sticky residue on your skin at all. I do recommend getting the 8oz size because it will not go to waste. Also, this is a cosmetic product and it does have an expiration date...When in doubt, throw it out!

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Honey dust - Paints, dusts, powders | Review by Cinnamon Chambers