Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Kit

I love Kama Sutra. I was so thrilled with my Valentine's Day gift of the Sweet Heart kit. The kit came in a gorgeous hear shaped reusable box. Tucked inside was the exclusive Chocolate Honey Dust, dark chocolate body paint and Creme Brulee Body Souffle. It was a chocolate treat my husband and I didn't mind tearing into!

These chocolate treats were just the thing to sweeten our Valentine's Day..night. The Body Souffle in Creme Brulee is yet another decadent flavor from Kama Sutra. If you get a direct lick of lotion it sucks, but if you gently kiss and lick the skin where it was applied it tastes like a chocolate dream come true.

I am such a big fan of Honey Dust and I wear it every day, so having chocolate as a flavor was the only thing that could make it better. It is like tasting chocolate powdered sugar. The taste is night, it is invisible on the skin, and the long lasting scent is enticing. The dark brown satin bag and mini feather duster make this part of the kit a sure fire winner.

Also in the kit is a paintbrush and dark chocolate body paint. It is exactly like chocolate pudding. It will warm nicely under hot water. I do not recommend heating it in the microwave, and it needs to be refrigerated after opening If you have any left. The paint slides on the skin easily but will dry quickly and can become sticky if very much is left unlicked. With just warm water the skin washes clean and it is non staining to sheets.

This kit is perfect and every item was a hit with us. When it is available again I will buy another or maybe two! It is the very best Valentine's gift of sensuality ever!!

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