Monday, March 23, 2009

Silky Sheets...the quciker picker upper

Pesky wet spot ruining your night? Silky sheets will fix it till you can wash them in the morning and leave your sheets smelling fresh and feeling silky. Plus it includes pheromones, so there very well may be more wet spots in your future.

We use this weekly to freshen the sheets mid week and even the sofa. My favorite scent is the orange mango, but the vanilla is nice and refreshing too. I have tried the pear blossom as well. It is nice but smells more like celery than pear. It also tends to retain an aerosol scent that the others do not.

On white and light colored sheets all you get is extra softness. On dark sheets, there is a light powdery residue that is left behind. This will wash away completely. We don;t use dark sheets so I used a sock to show the residue. The concept is similar to spray deodorant, but with pheromones and sultry scents for the bedroom.

Read my full review here:
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