Monday, March 23, 2009

A Touch of Honey Body Dust, Chocolate Rasberry

Chocolare and Raspberry combine to make this an awesome treat for you and your partner. The ingredients are natural, the flavor is delicious. To top it off it leaves your skin softly scented for hours. This is easily just as good as Kama Sutra Honey dust at less than half the price.

The maribou feather applicator is not as sophisotcated as the Kama Sutra ones but it is still functional and fits inside the lid. A big plus with this faether is that it is hot pink. It works just as good as a tickler of the nipples and thighs, but I do not think it will last as long if it is used for play instead of just as an applicator for wearing on a daily basis. I really love this stuff and would not question replacing it when I run out.

Read all about it here:
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