Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pink Water, the best things are pink

Pink Water lube was a curiosity purchase. I had quickly became a fan of Maximus with my first time using it and I doubted this girly lube could compete. It was too tempting not to try.

When I got it, I was so pleased that I did. I like the ingredients of this, and it seems to work better with my body than any other lube. I have used for just about every kind of sex you can think of. Toys, vagina, anal, and even went down on my husband with it on his dick. It has been great for everything I have tried it with. It doesn't get bitter when you taste it like Maximus. Pink Water is thick out of the pump, but thins out with use. Plus I have never had to reapply. My favorite part is that it does not feel like I am using lube, but that it is my own wetness. Everyone should at least buy the small bottle just to see how good it is.

Read my full review here:
Pink Water - Water based lubricants | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

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