Monday, March 23, 2009

Gotta love the Oil of Love!

I was so apprehensive about trying the oil of love. I feared it would be greasy and be kind of like sucking on some flavored vegetable oil. Thank goodness I was so wrong. My hubby and I have used this for full body massages and everything in between that might or might not lead to sex. It only tends to get sticky when mixed with a lot of saliva. Other than it it rubs in nicely and leaves a soft scent and delicious taste to the skin.

We have tried the strawberry, tangerine, and raspberry flavors. Of those the raspberry was our least favorite. The other two are quite tasty. I will say the tangerine is nothing like tangerine at all, it is like cotton candy. As for the strawberry is is definitely strawberry, but it is an artificial strawberry flavor. This is still very good, and is somewhat like licking a strawberry blow pop.

Oil of love is an oil in name only and is latex safe. The warming sensations it produces are great for all types of massages and oral sex. I do recommend getting the larger bottle as it is a better value, or to try this in a kit. There is coloring in the oil of love but it massages in clear and I have not found it to leave permanent stains in fabric, but you might want to protect light colored sheets. It is easy to pour our of the cute little bottle, but it is not overly runny. I like using this and give it an 8 overall as a product.

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