Monday, March 23, 2009

Climax Fruit bomb is da bomb!

The Climax Fruit bomb is yet another great product for enhancing oral sex. It seems like I have a lot of those, but in all honesty my partner and I enjoy the scents and flavors of each others genetials, but we like to change it up now and then. I have found that adding a little something in the beginning helps jack him off and gets both of us wetter for the experience.

We have the kiwi lime and the coco pineapple which is the same as pina colada. I prefer the coco pineapple over the lime. They are sweet but not overly sweet. The downfall is how wattery they are. They are not good as a lube but for adding flavor Climax Fruit bombs are oh so tasty. The bottles are colored and have very functional pumps. THe actual lube is clear and non staining.

Read more about them here:
Climax fruit bomb - Water based lubricants | Review by Cinnamon Chambers

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